Arshine Food got the most attention at the FIC Shanghai 2023


On March 15, 2023, the Food Ingredients China 2023 opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai, China. 3 days of the show brought together more than 1,500 renowned exhibitors and top professionals in the field of food additives and ingredients from around the world.

As a resident exhibitor at FIC, Arshine Food made another appearance at the event to showcase its brand influence, product applications and innovations in the food and ingredients field. At the same time, we also had in-depth communication and interaction with industry insiders and customers, with the hope of helping the food industry achieve sustainable growth and high-quality development of human health industry together.

Pre-Exhibition Preparation

In order to provide visitors with a quality exhibition experience and professional services, Arshine Food always takes every exhibition seriously. 

From the pre preparation to the closing of the show, we always strive for excellence and do our best to provide every service.

·-Pre-Exhibition Training-·

·Exhibition Gifts·

·Booth Construction·

Our booth design was modern and sleek, reflecting our commitment to innovation and quality. We made sure to create an inviting space that was both professional and visually appealing. Our booth featured interactive displays, showcasing our latest food trends and technologies

During the Exhibition

Our team was dressed in stylish and professional attire, ready to provide expert knowledge and guidance to all visitors. We made sure to create a welcoming environment where visitors could feel comfortable asking questions and learning about our products. Our team was knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated to helping visitors make informed decisions about our products and services.

The FIC 2023 was a great success for us. We were able to network with other industry leaders and gain valuable insights into the future of the market.

The show was also a great opportunity to connect with our existing customers and create new partnerships. We were thrilled to receive positive feedback about our products and services, and we look forward to continuing to meet the needs of our customers in the years to come.

Attending this event was an amazing experience for us. We were able to showcase our latest products and innovations, connect with industry professionals from around the world, and gain valuable insights into the future of the market. Our booth design and team style helped us create a welcoming environment that allowed us to engage with visitors and showcase our commitment to innovation and quality.

We look forward to attending future shows and continuing to meet the needs of our customers.