Chairman Message

Amy Chen

Founder / CEO

We, Arshinees,

are a group of people who love to struggle

With a passion for life.

We make the struggle itself our pursuit!

We like to spend our lives like this.

Because only through struggle

We can enjoy the rhythm of living.

Make life bloom for a long time!

To the brilliant people of Arshine!

To all those who are passionate about life!

Cultural Mission

Cultivate the life-enthusiastic strivers

Talent Concept

Attitude first, ability second, professional oriented, dedicated and responsible

  • Employing principle

    Promote the able person and demote the mediocre person

    Give opportunities to those who want to work

    Give jobs to those who do more work

    Give promotions to those who do good job

  • Talent selection principles

    Regardless of age, seniority and length of service

    Open, fair and impartial

  • Talent training objectives

    Take responsibility, do a great job, become a great person

Career Development

  • Internal Talent Mobility Program

    Mobility culture is an important measure for Arshine to provide more development opportunities for internal employees, which enables you to express your passion and obtain the continuous growth in various platforms. All job opportunities will be open to internal employees.

  • Talent Expertise Development Program

    The career development channel for employees is always the most important topic to Arshine. The company provides diversified development channels for employees and encourages them to develop in both professional and managerial sequences.

Seniority Awards

The development of Arshine is also the growth of each Arshiner. In the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 10th year after you join the company, the company will send you a resilient recognition and honor to thank you for being in a same boat with company regardless of the weather!

365 days represent the faith, courage and hope!

This year, you are proactive, have a light, send a heat. Although there are fears and worries, you never wait, but take on the challenge and allow yourself a magnificent adventure.

You said: "One day, I will have that piece of sky that belongs to me!"

Congratulations, you have ignited the light of hope and integrated into the Arshine team.

Prize: An Arshine watch and a "Hope Cup"