Message from African friends:“Amy and Arshine make the world shining!”


On the morning of November 18, representatives of African ambassadors and African business associations who were invited to attend the “Hunan Meets Africa” 2022 China (Hunan) Healthy Industry Promotion and Matchmaking Conference visited Arshine Group, and warmly sent a message to Arshine: “Amy and Arshine make the world shining!”.

Mr. Hassan Mohammed, Trade Commissioner of the Trade Office of the Consulate General of Nigeria in Shanghai, Diarra Boubacar Thiemoke, Vice Chairman of the China-Africa Friendship Association, Nguimbis Joesph, representative of Cameroon China Business Association(CCBA), Asma Abdullahtif Musoke, representative of Tanzania Expatriate Chamber of Commerce in China - Shanghai Khaki Business Consulting Co. and other African friends visited the exhibition hall on the fifth floor of Arshine accompanied by Ms. Chen Aiping, Chairman of Arshine Group.

They listened carefully to the introduction of the Arshine's development history, operation and corporate culture. When they learned that Arshine has more than 2,000 kinds of health products and has served customers in more than 100 countries and regions, the African friends expressed their admiration. When they heard the introduction of the lecturer that Chairman Ms. Chen Aiping, with the struggle spirit of "workaholic", had forged ahead for 15 years to develop the one-man company into the top one in the China and the largest private foreign trading enterprise in Hunan, the African friends gave a thumbs up to Chen.

During the meeting, Ms. Chen Aiping introduced the business development of Arshine in Africa. In 2009, Arshine started the cooperation with an Egypt's company in veterinary APIs, and after 14 years of development, Arshine now have trade in 22 African countries (mainly food additives, Human APIs, veterinary APIs, Medical Devices and so on) to serve African customers. We have more than 100 customers in 22 African countries, with annual trade volume exceeding 20 million USD. At present, China-Africa friendly relations have entered the fast track of comprehensive development, and the road of China-Africa economic and trade cooperation is getting wider. As a large trade group focusing on the export of health industry products, we expect to cooperate with more health enterprises and industry associations in African countries in the new round of China-Africa economic and trade cooperation, to provide better products and services for African customers, and to contribute to the promotion of China-Africa trade cooperation.

Our African friends extremely agreed with the views of Ms. Chen Aiping. Hassan Mohammed, Mr. Hassan Mohammed, Trade Commissioner of the Trade Office of the Consulate General of Nigeria in Shanghai, expressed that leading foreign trade enterprises such as Arshine will fully take the advantages of the sales network, build a good bridge for economic and trade cooperation, and provide more and better health products to Nigeria. Vice President Diarra appreciated Arshine's corporate mission of "Because of Arshine, the global health industry is more shining" and its core values of "Hand with our partners, Serving our worldwide customers, Motivate Arshinees to achieve themselves" as well as its remarkable development achievements in the past 15 years. During the meeting, he couldn't help but write down a touching message for Arshine on the whiteboard in the meeting room: “Amy and Arshine make the world shining!”